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03-04-11 Update

Update! More con tips.

I know I'm sounding like a broken record, but I apologize once again for not updating the LJ on Wednesday. I'm having to deal with some odd code glitches on the site and it occupied my focus. The comic did update though!
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02-25-11 Update

Update! Gen's tips on making friends with convention dealers.

This comic is late because I was waffling over how to phrase the last panel without sounding condescending. So allow me to state that I'm trying to be helpful and positive here and not nitpicky gripey. If I have rubbed anyone the wrong way with this comic I apologize.
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02-23-11 Update

Update! And chapter eleven concludes as our heroes ride off on horseback.

I am continue to prep for FWA. Year Three is at the printer and my army of felt and clay Feeps are growing along with some buttons. I'll be willing to do mail order once they're available.

(P.S. The clay Feeps glow in the dark and have genuine Swarovski crystal eyes!)