Genesis Whitmore (gen) wrote in little_tales,
Genesis Whitmore

05-04-11 Update

Update! Motorcar in, um... hand. The gang makes yet another escape.

It's come to my attention that Semagic hasn't been posting the entries in my queue even though it gives me the notification that it has. I don't check livejournal so much these days but I'll make a focused effort to find the problem and fix it. Sorry if you thought we were dead. We were just resting.

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  • 05-20-11 Update

    Update! Documentaing a unique pill problem. I will be at Elliott's Spring Carnival this weekend. Hope to see some of you there!

  • 05-16-11 Update

    Update! I also considered calling it "Oscar Meyer's Law". Congrats to Housepets for winning the Ursa Major!

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