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Just a Little Note...

...to say how much I love your webcomic and especially "The Man Who Was Thursday."  I donated to you today and had no idea how else to express my enjoyment!  Thank you!

05-20-11 Update

Update! Documentaing a unique pill problem.

I will be at Elliott's Spring Carnival this weekend. Hope to see some of you there!

05-16-11 Update

Update! I also considered calling it "Oscar Meyer's Law".

Congrats to Housepets for winning the Ursa Major!

05-13-11 Update

Update! Sometimes, you have these strange urges.

Today they announce the winners of the Ursa Majors at Morphicon! Can't wait! Even if we don;t win, I'm just stoked we got the nomination.

05-04-11 Update

Update! Motorcar in, um... hand. The gang makes yet another escape.

It's come to my attention that Semagic hasn't been posting the entries in my queue even though it gives me the notification that it has. I don't check livejournal so much these days but I'll make a focused effort to find the problem and fix it. Sorry if you thought we were dead. We were just resting.

04-15-11 Update

Update! Business trips are hard on cats.

Don't forget our Ursa Major award nomination! Other nominees and voting info can be found HERE.

04-13-11 Update

Update! We did, in fact update today. But yet again Semagic does not like to cough up the entry I queued. Blarghle!

Also, those of you who enjoy attending my livestreams and watching me draw, there will be one tonight at 7PM EST over at http://www.livestream.com/littletales

30 comics away from 500! Holy crap!

04-11-11 Update

Update! I'm pretty sure this is grounds for something...

I think the movie was called "Rampage".

04-06-11 Update

Update! Gen is not a team player....

I wish I could say this was a exaggeration as to how colossally bad I am.

04-04-11 Update

Update! Just a little thing that bothers me....